nanoDMS is a complete data management solution designed to facilitate the curation and sharing of nanosafety data

  • Support of multiple ISA-TAB-Nano versions(1.1, 1.2)
  • Upload and validation of ISA-TAB-Nano packages
  • Easy to use form-based interface for the creation of ISA-TAB-Nano packages
  • Simple Browse and Query interfaces
  • Support for ontologies including the direct extraction of terms from ontologies in bioportal and the automated completion of TERM SOURCE REFs and TERM ACCESSION NUMBERs
  • Integration of multiple nanoDMS instances using a federation mechanism that facilitates the creation of a nanosafety data cloud across multiple organizations
  • Web-based administration interface that allows the control of federated instances, projects and users
  • Support for multiple projects that can be shared among selected users in different federated instances
  • Expansion of queries across multiple federated instances